DIY Bench for under $20

Do you ever feel like you are always looking for a place to sit down and put on your shoes? Or even just a cute bench to fill a corner? Well you are in luck today! This cute little DIY bench can be the perfect addition to your mud room, entryway, porch or just about anywhere else you need to pop-a-squat. And even better news, you can do this with basic tools, skills and less than $20!


1 – 2 x 10 x 10 ($10) – I used reclaimed bleacher boards for my benches. If you have some cool reclaimed wood laying around put it to use! No worries, I scraped all of the old gum off…ewww.

8 – 2.5″ wood screws ($4)

Paint or Stain of your choice



Step 1:

You will want to cut your 2×10 into 4 sections. Most hardware stores will do this for you if you do not have a saw. The top, sides (legs) and bottom shelf. These are the dimensions I used, you can change the size to fit your needs.

Top: 36″

Legs: 17″ (2)

Bottom Shelf: 32″

Step 2:

In this step you will assemble the legs to the bottom shelf.  I wanted the shelf to be approximately 4 inches from the floor. To avoid splitting the wood pre-drill your holes. I used a scrap piece of a 2×4 to help me keep my bench level. I just clamped the 2×4 flush with the bottom of the leg then set it on my shelf and screwed right through the side into the shelf (picture below). If you do not have a clamp or 2×4 laying around simply measure 4″ from the bottom, mark your spot and screw your parts together. Use 2 screws on both sides. Do this for both sides.

Step 3:

The next step is super easy. You are just going to attach the top to your base. Simply place your top on your base. Using the dimensions above you will have a 2″ overhang on each side. Screw right through the top down into the legs. For my bench I was going for a rustic look so I did not worry about filling the holes with wood filler. If you are going for a more modern look you can fill your screw holes with wood putty. You will want to go over the whole bench with a 220 grit sandpaper. This will give it a nice smooth finish. Here is what mine looked like after I assembled it.

Step 4:

Finish your bench in your desired color! You can stain it, keep it natural or paint it. If you want it to have a flat paint finish be sure to purchase a flat spray paint. I often have people tell me that everything is too shiny when they spray paint it. As long as you purchase a flat finish you will be good to go! If you want a distressed finish take that same piece of sandpaper and go over your bench after you paint or stain it. If it is going outdoors be sure to put an exterior sealer on your bench.

Ta-da! Now you have a cute bench that can go in so many place in your home! Happy building!



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