Farmhouse Inspired Landscaping

Spring has sprung here in North Carolina. Which means it is time to get outside and start planting! We have a small garden every year, but this year we are planning to work on the asthetic part of our yard. We have lived in this house for 3 years now and have done nothing in the way of landscaping. So I have been combing pinterest looking for great ideas. And trust me, there is no shortage of ideas on pinterest.

While I prepare my list of “to buy” shrubs and plants I wanted to share some posts that are helping me put together my landscaping plan. So have a seat, get your ‘Pin It’ finger ready and get some great ideas! These are all so pretty!

  • A Galvanized Grouping: Little Farmstead has done a great job sprucing up her front porch with these fantastic rusty buckets and flea market finds. I think incorporating planters and other items into your landscape is a great way to add texture, color and height. That is my take away from this post. And I really don’t think you can ever have too much lavender!

  • How to lay a flagstone path: This DIY flagstone path is exactly what I need for my side yard. We have two sweet but big doggies that love to lay in the side yard and watch everything that goes by. Because of this we have zero grass in this area and all dirt right now. I think flagstone with ground cover instead of rock would be the perfect solution for this part of my yard. And it adds so much farmhouse style to the landscape.


  • Containers with Pizazz: I struggle every year with my front porch planters. My porch gets almost no sun so I always feel like I am limited to a fern in my planter. But The Garden Diaries has showed some beautiful examples of shade pots that I am going to try out this year.
  • How to build a picket fence: Sigh…. I loveee a picket fence. At our house we have an unsightly area where our trash cans and other not so pretty stuff is stored. I have big plans to put a picket fence up to hide all of this necessary but ugly stuff. I love the way this little fence looks with the pretty flowers around it. Fence goals!

  • Dream Farmhouse in Michigan: This landscape is so simple and elegant. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs so I am naturally drawn to this southern inspired landscape. I already have one hydrangea that my husband and kids got me for Mother’s Day one year and I am planning to add more to our shady side of the yard. Not only are they beautiful when in bloom but they are equally as beautiful when they are dried and used inside later in the year.

I hope you enjoyed my farmhouse landscaping round-up. Hopefully I can do all of these amazing things to my yard and make it beautiful. When these things happen I will have a fabulous blog post. In the meantime be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration. I hope you have a happy spring and achieve all of your landscaping goals!

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