How to Age Galvanized Tin

Do you love the look of rusty tin but don’t have access to it? Well no worries! I am going to show you how to make shiny new tin look like it just came off of the side of an old barn in only one day.

First things first, buy your tin. For my project I needed a big piece so I purchased an 8ft tall by about 2.5ft wide sheet of corrugated roof panel at Lowes. It was about $10 for my sheet. If you only need a small sheet the craft stores carry much smaller sections. Take a look at the supply list below to be sure you get everything you need in one trip to the hardware store.


  • Tin
  • Muriatic Acid (you can see the one I purchased below)
  • Table Salt

Step 1:

Put your sheet of shiny new tin somewhere outside that your animals or kids can’t get to. I propped mine up on some buckets I had just to get it off of the ground a little. But you could just lay it down on the ground.

Step 2:

Carefully pour your muriatic acid on the tin. You could use a spray bottle but I just kinda poured mine on in no particular fashion. I wore gloves and safety glasses just in case I splashed it. It started making smoke and sizzling a little. It was pretty cool!

Step 3:

Sprinkle your table salt all over it. I just took my big container of salt and shook it all over the tin. Again, this was in a completely random way.

Step 4:

Wait. I left mine setting overnight. If you start early in the day it would probably be done that afternoon, but of course I started late in the day. After a few hours of the mixture being on there I was able to see a little bit of rust. But the next morning it looked like it does in the picture below. I was so excited!

Step 5:

Take your hose and wash it off. Then prop it up and let it dry.

That’s it. Now you can proceed with your rusty tin project. I put this  clear sealer on mine so that the rust finish would not come off on anything.

This is what I used my rusty tin for.

I just love all of the color and texture it added to this hall tree.

Post your projects in the comments. I would love to see what you use your rusty tin on! Good luck with your project!

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