This page lists products or services that I have and do personally use. I would never suggest a product that I have not used and love.

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  • Zip Ties: These little simple things are a life saver in so many situations. They can be used to secure your display at a craft show or act as a clamp when you are building things. The list goes on and on!


  • Critter Paint Sprayer: This little beauty will save you hours when you are painting furniture. Since the part that holds the paint is a mason jar you can just add the top when you are done and save the paint for your next project. I use this little jewel all the time! All you need is a small air compressor and you are ready to go!

  • Flea Market Cart: This is another cart that I love. I use my cart at craft shows and at the flea market or any other junkin’ trip that I know I am going to buy more than I can carry. This one also folds flat so you can throw it right on top of all of your finds when you are done!